Exceeding Expectations with Adam

 One of the best parts of my job is when people are surprised by being happy with the experience. 
 This handsome guy is Adam. His dad pretty much told me "he's not going to want to do this." But by the time we set up the drums in the Fort Ancient Trading Post, Adam was just fine.
 I face people being uncomfortable with the portrait process a lot. I told Adam the same thing I tell all the senior guys. "I'll take the stuff that "mom and grandma" like and then we'll take something that's for real awesome." 
And Adam was great! We chose historic Lebanon Ohio for the backdrop to our more formal images. With it's rich textures it was perfect.  
 Some nice clothes and fun lenses...
 Very Cool! Great. Formal over...
'Cause then we headed to one of my favorite places in the world, the Fort Ancient Trading Post for some totally unique portraits!
Poked around some of the more interesting corners of the place for some real flavor...
  then got to work setting up the drums! 
And everyone is happy! Adam looks awesome either way! Suited up in historic Lebanon or jamming out next to a crumbling warehouse of treasure and a 1953 Buick! Mom and Grandma have handsome images to hang on the wall and Adam has some totally unique art to pass out at school for people to remember him by!

Totally awesome shoot Adam!

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