More fun afoot but you'll have to wait!

 So I just finished a fabulous wedding reception last night, but you'll have to give me a week to process that! 
 In the mean time, I have been playing around with the 8 megapixel camera on the iphone 4s. 
I'm pretty sure that is as large a file as the first professional SLR I bought. Times are changing :) 
 While this format is convenient I still am constantly disappointed by the lack of control. :( 
 I know there's the hype about having the first wedding shot entirely on iphones. But I am SURE that wedding party was one patient group of people. There's no way you could depend on this for high quality action. 
 Having said that, I love being able to take photos with auto focus. About 98% of the photos that came out of the Iphone 3G were out of focus. 
 And Steph is Awesome.

By the way just got a QR code generator so the loneliest of smart phoners can connect with my non flash propaganda! Enjoy!

Next week The beautiful Wedding Reception of LeAnne and Keith!

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