LeAnne and Keith

 LeAnne and Keith are the most laid back, awesome to be with couples ever! This January they came back from Florida to have a piece of the holidays and Cincinnati in their wedding!
This attractive couple were married in Florida on a beach and staged an elaborate reception for here in LeAnne's hometown for all those who couldn't attend.   
 We reserved time at one of the quintessential "Cincinnati" locations, the Krohn Conservatory!
 You can always count on Krohn for a lush and warm place to photograph on cold Cincinnati winter days!
LeAnne and Keith were a real treat to work with! Another wonderful addition to this shoot was the beautiful Megan Koabel as my sidekick! It was a great time and I'l have even more to show you next week!
One thing the lovely LeAnne was adamant about was to make sure to get some winter in her photos to prove to her Floridian friends what it's like, so we braved and icy trek across the Conservatory campus to take some photos with the ice that covered everything
It was a great time and lots of fun! Next week, the Reception! 

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