102509 Ms. Tonya (BisB)

Could anyone be more beautiful than Ms. Tonya?

Last Sunday I have the privilege of meeting Ms. Tonya, her beautiful mother, sister Phoebe, and Mr. Stewart. Once again, I have to say how fortunate I feel to keep meeting such wonderful people!

Phoebe and Tonya took us on a tour of their amazing property as we clicked off portrait after portrait of Ms Tonya in the fall splendor! It was great fun!

This may look beautiful but it was all poison ivy!!
(we were extra careful :P)

Ms. Tonya was as delightful to hang out with as she looks in these portraits. She is simply an amazing young woman!

They even invited Terri and I to eat some Tika Masala with them! What a great bunch of people!

We had a great time! Thank you, guys!

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