112809 Marc and Michael Present: The Day of the Turducken (Year 3, 2009)

These two stallions of men may not have been the originators of turning several game fowl into a Russian doll, but they certainly are the ones who perfected it when I tell the story!

This was year three of the event, which is touted as the only way to gain back all of the nutrients and butter that was worked off at the 100th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race 2009 Cincinnati, Ohio two days previous.
(Here you see Marc engaging the crowd by giving the Pope wave.)

How do you cram this much meat into the oven? I'll spare you the details, but it involves a lot of pushing.

Mark and his beautiful wife Kristen have two ferrets, they were really cute!
(They were in the basement.)

Oh man, perfection!

Just like last year, the opportunity was taken for a good ol' fashioned Ziser reunion as 4 former Ziser assistants came together to consume bird!

All of these photos were taken with the Ray Ring Flash I have been playing with lately. I think it adds a little odd twist to your everyday snapshots. I think it's fun.

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Glenda said...

your turkducken tower looks like a carniverous hoodoo!

w h o a!