Alexa and Tyler's Engagement Shoot at Pyramid Hill!

With one rain out session date under our belts the forecast for the makeup date was looking wet, so this Thursday Terri and I re arranged our plans to take amazing engagement portraits of our friends Alexa and Tyler!
This beautiful couple even got to scout out their favorite spots in the very cool Pyramid Hill sculpture park.  
 Terri and I got there earlier and had completed a planning session so we were ready for anything!
Which is a good thing too, because as we were testing out a new technique for an upcoming seminar for simple lighting the unthinkable happened... 
It rained on this date too... But we were prepared to turn lemons into lemonade! (Note: use # 412 for a Zumbrella
 And after the brief shower and the slideshow from the 6D's wireless to phone app we were back playing in the woods!
 And the humidity was up
 Pyramid Hill is quite a neat place! 
Thank you so much Tyler and Alexa! I can't wait for your wedding!  



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