The Amazing Kat.

 This fantastic masterpiece was created by the equally amazing fashion designer Kat Bishop!
 Kat and I have been friends for quite some time and I have had the privilege of photographing some of her fabulous creations!
and This!
 Kat is an original and compelling designer with a dramatic edge. Her creations are both compelling and a curiosity. Not only that, but she has one of the quirkiest senses of humor of anyone I have ever met! So when she called me up a few weeks ago to photograph this gown for a critique I was all in after hearing about the antlers. 
 Our beautiful model is Elle. Beside being crazy enough to work with Kat and myself, Elle is an outstanding model willing to go the extra mile for the shot!
 Like wearing antlers with fur on them...
Check out the fabulous detail of this design and fabric! 
And there was some fun too! 
Thank you Kat for letting me preserve this masterpiece! It's no wonder it stole the show!

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