062009 Graduation!

This was the weekend of the Graduation party for many of my most beloved seniors! "Mrs. Viltrakis" and I got invited to so many that we had to dance about to make it to as many as possible. We're REALLY sorry about missing so many great senior's parties! We wanted to go to them all.

The party for the amazing Jessi (who's mother runs the equally amazing heART Factory).
The factory is crankin' out great artists all the time! Check out this link and schedule classes for youth or adults alike!

Here's a little photo of the provisions for the army that Nat's mom prepared. Those Blueberries are home grown. And Nat tried to convince me that they had home grown "roast beefs" too.

And here in one place was so many amazing people. Those I photographed included (left to right) Christi, Dorothy, Nat, Kiki, Laura, and Kyle. But you all are super awesome. Even Doc "B."

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