062009 Cathy's Birthday Bash

Doug decided to surprise Cathy this year for her birthday. The theme was Zombies and what better place to have the party than a creepy third floor of this warehouse in Northside?

A little of the outside where you could hear the furious thrashings of a metal band practicing.

Speaking of the 1890s, here's a little of the interior which was undoubtedly built in the 1890s.

And a great backdrop for portraits.

I got a little crazy with the overlays.

Zombie Rekers... he jumped out of a "cake" for Cathy.

Zombie Yoda

The super creepy elevator,

And shaft...

At the party there was art...

and billiards...

and zombies... jumping out of cakes.

And this beautiful woman is Cathy. One time I witnessed her forcing boxes of frozen beans down trousers. She's pretty cool. Doug added an additional aspect of suprise by preventing her from eating for about 8 hours before the party.

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