041109 Rob, The Man of the Hour! (B is B)

As with a lot of people these days the economy has effected Rob negatively. He came to me with the good idea that if he was to be in the job market soon, he would want to put his best Internet foot forward. And that means having a professional head shot for your social networking (Facebook, myspace, Linkedin, etc. etc.) site.

More than ever companies are doing Internet research on the people they interview. It's very important not only to present a good written persona, but also a great looking one too! The old "Myspace Self Portrait holding the camera yourself or in a mirror" just won't cut it anymore. Show the world that your are a serious candidate even if your photos aren't serious! It was in that vein that Rob and I crafted some very professional portraits.

However we have a hard time being serious...
You have to have some that reflect your true personality for when you DO land the job! You should see my facebook account
(and add me as a friend for that matter).
I only have photos that are stupid.
Including my current one!

If you are interested in Social Networking Portraits
please contact me soon the season is picking up and...
I am offering a discount for a limited time!

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