Once again the Beautiful Emily!

The fabulous model Emily D and I went out last Saturday for two reasons.

We wanted an equally fabulous glamor shoot and wanted to check out this "bamboo forest" at Farbach Werner nature preserve.

While the forest wasn't what we had in mind, we still created some amazing images (after getting 200 mosquito bites and breaking their fence :) )

So then the beautiful Emily, Terri, Vivian, and I regrouped and made our way to a few more choice locations nearby to complete our glamor shoot with the kind of images that would really show off Emily's talent.

Here we are at a local office park (believe it or not).

The same office park.

Deep in Farback Werner nature preserve!

Emily is amazing and truly understands how she looks to the camera. Working with her is always a pleasure. If anyone else is interested in asking Emily for modeling services send an email my way and I'll pass it along!


I'll also have a little post next week on using the same locations for different looking shoots as we did this week!

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