Ronald McDonald House Red Tie Gala

Last weekend I had the privilege of being the event photographer for the Ronald McDonald House's charity fund raiser, the Red Tie Gala.

Along with splendid decor, the event included a silent auction, fine dining, and a live auction!

Another exceptional show was the speed painting performance from artist Tim Decker. In under 5 minutes each he created amazing portraits of iconic images! His paintings were auctioned off first and drew in 15 thousand dollars to start!

You can find out more about Tim here:

One thing that impressed me about this event was the generosity of our fellow citizens here in Cincinnati. Near the end our auctioneer simply asked "Who will donate $10,000 for the charity?" and 5 or 6 people raised their cards. When no $10,000 donations were left he asked "Who will donate $5,000? And 15 more people raised their cards. This went on until the amount reached $100. Each person donating received a balloon, the silver was for 10K, the gold 5K. (In the picture above you can see at least $50,000 being donated and that was only a fraction on the attendees! Check out this panorama!

This is our volunteer of the year who donates his time 8 hours a day 4 days a week (and has for the last 10 years or more)!

After the event raised what must have been close to a million dollars for cancer patients and their families, the band began to play and dancing followed!

This was a tremendously eye opening experience in generosity.

If you would like to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House, you can find their Cincinnati Website here:

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