CNE Career Day 2012

 Super awesome happy fun times Thursday for Clermont North Eastern's 2012 Career Day. 
Always a fun time for the kids to have some sort of choice in the information being shoveled at them for the day! When I come in not only do I bomb like showtime at the Apollo, but I disrupt the other speakers. It's pretty awesome.
 After briefly and fairly honestly going through how I got to what I am doing currently and what some of the ups and downs were like I reinforced that I had no intention of being boring and took each of the classes outside to show them what a group portrait session would actually be like! 
 (PS - I whooped up on the governmental auditing lecture)
 Unfortunately there's no air conditioning and I was outside their open windows yelling :( Sorry other presenters. Next time bring lazers!)
 As the sun came up in full glory I got the added bonus of showing the kids how I deal with adversity!Ending up in the parking lot with my 10-22 to show off the long shadows!
And everyone wanted to levitate, which is cool. 

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to come in and show that there are many options to making a living!
If i remember correctly my quote for the school paper was "No matter what you want to do, relentless practice will help you get there!"

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