Misc Stuff

 This week no big event! It's been a nice week off. :) Just finished a Mitzvah with David Ziser last night as well. Fun times!
So here's a little stuff that has been lurking around folders on the archive! My little princess Vivian is now walking!
 Photographing corporate events sometimes leads to some interesting candids.  
 Don't even know what this is, but it's cool!
 I managed to catch a bee hovering around one bride's bouquet! 
 One night while mommy worked late daddy and Vivian picked out our favorite pictures of her :)
 Everyone on facebook enjoyed this photo so much I thought I'd upload it at high resolution for you all to save as a desktop background. 
And here's a cool shot of me by my friend and fellow photog Patti Boehnlein on the crane at the PhotoPro Expo taking the images of the amazing tradeshow!
Have a great week!

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