A Macigal Evening with Heather and Sean

This picture is one of my favorites, I love how you can see the rain with the backlight!
 A few weeks ago I got the privilege of sharing an amazing evening with Sean and Heather!
 Their wedding was one of the best things I've been a part of this season!
 They had their ceremony at the Fairhaven Church near Centerville...
 When the guys saw this wallpaper they had to work it into the album!
 Once the wedding was over the whole group headed to NCR Country Club in Kettering.
Heather's grandpa even brought the MVG Bloomin Bus!

 We even got in some wonderful fall colors in between the rain! The wedding celebration lasted the whole window of good weather!
 One of the most endearing moments of the reception was when Sean serenaded his new bride. Even I tried not to cry.
 Just for your info, Sean is a powerfully amazing vocalist and most of the guests were amazing singers as well! There was even a cigar break where his former a cappella group reunited.
 And then he stole the show!
A quick night portrait...
And a cappella gets amped with a full band!

BIG Thanks to Jane Bettis for helping second shoot!

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