010309 Cincinnati Mills Mall

The enigma that is Trevor (of new years fame), my beautiful wife, and I were looking for a warm place to have a photo safari. Cincinati Mills Mall fit the bill... so... here it is.

Proving the mall is what you make of it.

And finally kid on a leash. Man, I can't wait to have kids... we have a water dish too! And a house in the back yard for it to live in.


Weph said...

have you ever seen the mall after hours? the fish get all deflated and scary. check it out sometime!

Michael said...

The best part of the kid on a leash is that you can swing them about your head and use them as a projectile weapon.

Methinks you should tell me more about this "fake tilt-shift filter" you've mentioned, and how the CRAP it makes everything look like a superbly crafted miniature.

Inquiring minds NEED TO KNOW.