011511 Just got back from Mexico!

Sorry we have been so quiet, Terri and I just got back from a fabulous destination wedding in Cancun Mexico!

This trip was amazing! And so were the sights! It was wonderful to leave the frosty snow covered hills of Cincinnati for the sparkling blue-green waters of the Yucatan peninsula for a week!!

This trip also marks the first vacation with our daughter Vivian. Even 6 months pregnant my wonderful wife Terri was a key part of the wedding coverage for our amazing friends Brett and Sam.

The sunrises were magnificent until the day after the wedding where it was cloudy and rainy. But the first 4 days were amazing!

This is the type of resort we stayed in.

Here's Terri and I on the artificial reef we weren't supposed to be on at sunrise. :)

Some of the entertainment at the resort was pretty cool, like this fire show.

This is our groom Brett. On the third day most of the guests went to the Tulum Mayan Ruins. A 4 thousand year old astronomical calendar site.

The waters here were the bluest and most clear of any place we had seen!

Terri could not pass up the opportunity to get in the water with the beautiful bride-to-be Samantha!


More to come soon about the wedding!

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