010111 Happy New Year Tour (with Steph!)

This year Terri and I went to an awesome New Year celebration at the home of our magic friend Steph. She had been telling me about the architecture of it for a while and I was stoked to party and picture.

(Most of the portraits were taken with the 50mm 1.4.)

Some sweet wide angle halls with the 10-22!

This party had it all, spaghetti...

A man named Stoog eating the spaghetti,

And most importantly Steph!

The amazing deer-hugger Kasey also paused to pose for my new years portraiting.

Rock and roll sensation Teddy was there too, he told my my compulsion to take photos had inspired him to start snapping a few now and again. Quite a nice compliment I think. Remember your past my friend!

(I think this was conga line time.)

We skipped out a bit early, but we still had a great time! Thanks Steph!


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