010311 Some Fun Stuff & Art

So finally after completing literally all of my photographic obligations over the holiday I get to put up some neat stuff I have taken along the way!

This is one of my favorite photos of my beautiful wife from one of our weddings in Lexington KY, this summer. It was once of those "stand there and let me see if I can use the location" moments. I love my wife. Sometimes I just can't get enough of her. :)

Because it's there. I love taking these. Every time a good sunset or sunrise throws myriads of beautiful colors across the horizon my mind races trying to figure up an excuse to photograph someone in front of the scene!

In a triumph over nature, this year I waited until the gutter had frozen to clean it out. The result was that I could slide out 3 foot long candy-bar style chunks of mostly frozen "gutter cloggins" at a time. WIN!

Older senior session where we were playing with forced perspective.

And the snow... that was fun wasn't it? This was going to be another embarrassing snow photo where you can see the big ol' snowflake spheres flying around me in a bathing suite and beach towel, but it was just too cold!

(This an the below are actually the same flower.)

Don't forget your macro lens!

I really enjoy my 50mm 1.4.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the fact that you can take the remnants of a clogged gutter and make it look cool. Just another testament to how awesome you are! -Carrie