012211 Fine Art Snow Prints!

I was kind of down this weekend so my wonderful wife took me out to take photos of non-work related things. In this case our much photographed local nature park.

Once there with my 50mm 1.4 lens in hand and my wife by my side I slowly "melted" back into my old self.

And I got some quite nice art prints as well!

Once i got back to the house I created 2 new processing techniques in Lightroom 3!

Prints available:

Print 16 x 20 - $100, Canvas Wrap - $250

Print 11 x 14 - $50, Canvas Wrap - $150

I had a really fun time even though my toes got really cold.

One of the coolest things were the Snow Faces check them out!

And after it was over, my darling bought me lunch. Thanks my love. <3>

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