122910 Thank you Zisers!

Just wanted to take a quick second to thank the Zisers for hosting a great get-together!

It was also great seeing the Tepes face to face instead of across Ault Park! :) In fact, check out Damien's Awesome new webiste www.Tepephoto.com. Really sweet bokeh there!

International photographer Steven Easley even found time in his schedule to swing by with his son Tre. He was so cute!

And last only because they are on the right side of the picture, the amazingly awesome Bridewells rounded out the group and set up the evening for jokes and business strategy!

One person notably missing was supreme photo assistant and humanitarian, Michael Nealis. We missed you! :(

And I can't mention Marc and Michael without putting up the links to the Turducken of 2008, 2009!

2011 is the year!

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