070710 Jon and Carrie Danger

One of the greatest friends from one of the greatest families in the history of mankind* is Jon Compton. Man of Danger. This is the story of an evening with this man and his wife.

A month ago or so Reno Photographer, and the also lovely, Carrie Compton petitioned me with an unusual task which I gladly accepted.

The task: Tame the mighty Compton brother for 1/60th of a second or more for some "nice" portraits of the couple. "Balderdash" you may say, "That should be simple!"

Then you don't know Jon Compton.
But I do.

The first trick was to have Carrie pack his clothes...

which he normally he would have just burned, but after some cajoling and threats of "shanking" we got something for everyone.

Dinner with his parents (the equally awesome Comptons Prime) was truly amazing. The potatoes had been dug just 30 minutes prior to our meal where we sampled fine wine, homemade whisky and knives, and a 9000 year old recipe malt brew from China. I mean really, how can you top these people!?! It just isn't fair. The last time we shot 6 foot panels of tempered glass because throwing axes wasn't "cool" enough and now we taste the oldest discovered alcoholic beverage EVER!
I don't think they are from this planet.

After a brief pit stop it was on to the beautiful waterfront of Cincinnati...

Where the younger Comptons threw flotsam into the river, thus teaching the logs just who owned the riverbank.

If you guys rock any harder it's going to go black hole and reverse time.
You've been warned.

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Carrie said...

Nick, you are the awesome one! Thanks for the great photos and good times!