072010 Crime Scene with Nic Alessandrini

After working with model Nic Alessandrini at David Ziser's Master class I knew he'd be fun to work with again.

Aside being easy on the eyes, Mr. A has a lot of great ideas for cool stuff (like the crime scene lead image of this post).

This was a tough shoot, too. The moment I left for the shoot it started raining hard.

It started pouring about the time we all convened at the location in downtown Cincinnati, so Nic and I sat in my car and Terri high lighted notes for her master's classes in her car until the rain subsided.

(This is the 50s crime novel cover version of the image.)
Finally, we couldn't find anyone to be the dead body. Naturally I volunteered! But who will take the photo? Tripod? NO! The amazing Terri will! So this whole project is really Nic and Team Viltrakis!

Let me say this, laying in the gutter in downtown isn't the most fun. Laying there in huge puddles of water, cigarettes, and who knows what else rocks, though.

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