Photo Pro Expo 2014

 Last weekend was so amazing I had to post 32 images!
Once again the center of the photographic universe was Northern Kentucky on the Ohio river!
For 4 days the Covington Convention Center hosted a few thousand eager photographers!
 This year was every bit as much education and excitement as last year! Above Brian Smith talks about tearing it up while photographing the stars!
Blair Phillips worked the crowd into a frenzy with his wit and knowledge! And threw out a few freebies!
Then there was the opening night party... 
 Where I got to touch Blair Phillips' hair!
 [Cut Scene]
Until the next morning where newcomer Landon Day presented an outstanding speedlighting class to STANDING ROOM ONLY!
 In between all the excitement I still managed to get some awesome shots on the step-and-repeat.
And then... "liquid underpants remover" Jerry Ghionis took the stage to bring the crowd to their feet!
 And there were a lot of them!
 With a great amount of practical technique...
 and an ice light or two Jerry and Melissa worked their magic!
 Then it was time for the amazing expo trade show!

 I spent some time explaining that "anything" could be used as a light modifier!
This years trade show was THE PLACE TO BE!
 The lovely Sandy Puc took time out of her busy schedule kicking butts to set up shop in the entrance and interview all the A list speakers and presenters!
 I did have one issue with a model, but we worked it out pretty quickly!
 Another highlight of day two was combat photographer Stacy Pearsall who proved that every time is the right time for great lighting!
Then that night, the awards ceremony was thrilling!
There was some fresh faced new members...
 And, of course, Jason and Kate Higdon continued their trend from last year and took all of the awards for everything...
 seriously, Kate literally took home a pile. A PILE OF AWARDS.
 And shockingly enough, in a convention of the best photographers in the world, there was still a lot of people taking photos with iphones... WTH?
But I digress... Incoming President Rosemary Cundiff-Brown displays the tasty wares at the party and ... 
 Melissa and Jerry Ghionis approved of the jams laid down by Teeny Tucker and her 7 piece band! It was quite a night!
 Sunday was an amazing day of inspiration with the amazing work of internationally recognized photographer Sam Abell.
 And another highlight for me was getting the opportunity to interview educational sensation Sandy Puc
I think she was looking for insight into being as nerdy as possible in the photo business.
I delivered.
If you would like to see my Red Carpet Showdown at this year's Wescott Lighting Booth, click HERE!

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