I went to Chuch on Superbowl Weekend

Well check this out! Not only did I go to a church, I also went to see a Superbowl show!! That's right! I didn't burst into flames or anything! (I did get a weird bruise that looks suspicious, however.)
For many months one of the beautiful brides I had the privilege of photographing, Erica, has been trying to get me to come to her church for one of their spectacular events. After a few false starts I managed to get to the Crossroads church's event called "The Superbowl of Preaching."
And what an event it was! There were thousands of people there to witness two of Cincinnati's most charismatic speakers debate the role of overcoming challenges in the religious context. Having said that there was quite a bit of comedy and spontaneity!  Which is a great segue into the half-time show!
 I believe this was entitled The Death of Rock and Roll.
With a full stage of talented performers this halftime show was just as entertaining as Bruno Mars... 
With a diverse mix of songs (some penned by Steve Jones interestingly enough) and a stage to rival Las Vegas this was a serious event!
^^ Check that out! ^^
And the crowd loved it (all but that lady). ;)
If you are into this sort of church experience Crossroads is the place for you!
It has a mix of a good message wrapped in the taco shell of a really impressive stage show. 
It's quite the spectacle! 

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