Red Carpet Showdown! with Nicholas Viltrakis

 One of my favorite parts of the massive 4 day Photo Pro Expo was when I got to slip into the Westcott lighting booth for my Red Carpet Showdown!
Our model was the beautiful Rebecca, who portrayed the Black Swan.
 Here's the booth agenda of a bunch of "A-list-ers" and me!
 After a brief introduction the demo was off! (I think Rebecca was excited, her face says it all.) My photographic assistant for this booth was Lindsey Driscoll of Eclectically for You who captured all the images of me.
My mission coming into this shootout was to bring something different to the images that would stand out in the competition and be FUN!

It's all about the reflector.
After some brief adjustment of lighting I pulled out my Bower 8mm wide angle to get a 2001 Space Odyssey look with the Westcott grided strip banks!
 And an action shot!
 Again I was trying anything I thought had not been done.
 There's a really cool contest for the whole weekend and I picked uncommon lens and angle combinations to get some original images. Most of the people walk by with the 24-105 and take the same shots.
Here I was exemplifying the cool properties of extreme wide angle.
And here's my peeps! 
 Again the lovely Rebecca!
 And wrapping up we got low...
 For another unique look!
 Thanks Rebecca, Westcott, Lindsey, and Tiffany for the cover image!

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