040211 Bonfire with Kasey!

The annual bonfire with the illustrious Kasey started with a fantastic set of atypical party games lead by Wephmania (one involved hugging the other drawing reproductive organs, good time for all).

I managed to click off several 30 second exposures while the fire lit the trees with deck parts, bed sheets, and of course, xmas lights. :)

By 11 pm the face melting distance appeared to be about 10 feet. Unfortunately we only found this out after Terri burned her face off.

One interesting addition this year was the nocturnal cycloptic black Morrow gopher.

Here's my faceless love with our soon to be baby.

The aforementioned xmas lights. :)

As always Kasey's bonfire is a magic kind of experience on the banks of the little Miami river with really interesting people. Thanks for the invite, Kasey! <3

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