040711 Long Exposure Burn for Terri

Friday night was my usual photo jam session with national car photog OJ Santiago and fellow mom-to-be, Kari. Tonight's experiment was long exposure, with speedlights, transmitting to the ipad wirelessly. We were also celebrating the birthday of my wonderful assistant Terri V. :)

(3.2 second exposure with Speedlight +2/3)

Terri chose the opportunity to play her fire pit like a nuclear reactor. It was awe inspiring!

(She was probably thinking about Kasey's Bonfire)

(3.2 second exposure with Speedlight +2/3)

Mr Santiago can't believe how cool the wireless Ipad tethering is... in fact, he shot lasers out his eyes just after this photo. It's that cool.

(10 second exposure with Speedlight +2/3)

Here Terri shoots plasma out of a bottle of plasma we have and ignites a small explosion. :)

(10 second exposure with Speedlight +2/3)

The result of the explosion. Fun.

(2.5 second exposure with Speedlight +2/3)

"The Crew" photographed by Kari!

It was a great celebration for a beautiful woman!

We even got in a vertigo era light show for the birthday girl. The long shutter speed test was a success!

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