041011 My Beautiful Terri's Birthday

I'm going to Keep this short because even by typing this post I'm neglecting her! But, Today is my darling wife's birthday! Happy 26 baby! And speaking of babies, Vivian will be here Wednesday!

For her birthday Terri's parents took us to The Golden Lamb in "historic" Lebanon Ohio.

Turns out this establishment opened in 1803. Which is pretty cool. Lots of presidents and famous people have been through there because it was one of the only nice places between the railroad and Cincinnati (which used to be cool) or Lexington (for Henry Clay). Many if the rooms have been named for the people who have eaten or stayed there. There's the Charles Dickens dining room, or the James Garfield room, and of course the broom closet Dubbya got stuck in while there.

This room is by far the coolest (+) because it is named for and tells the story of Clement Vanlandingham who was an attorney (-50) who successfully proved that the victim in his murder case could have shot himself (+25). He did so in this room (+60), mortally wounding himself in the process.

In fact, here's the bullet hole! (+100000)

(I poked it)

(Remember this?)

In other news, Vivian will be here on Wednesday, so please forgive me if I don't post next monday. I have been faithful every Monday for 6 years now. I'm entitled to one! :)


Here we go!

Baby time.

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Pol said...

All the best with the new adventure you are about to embark on! Vivian is going to be gorgeous!