061910 Three Men and a Baby - Build-a-Bear

'Ya ever get one of those crazy ideas where you think... I should relive a part of my college days? Well I did, and I acted on it. I got a two of my old college mates to come up to Cincinnati for a two day lockdown recording session.

(Rocking through the Fog)
When I was in college I was pretty sure that I was going to record and produce records. I had a meager studio and everything. That's where I first met Tristin Morin and Cole Wade. Two of the most phenomenal musicians the world has ever produced. Bot are base near the University of Kentucky (my alma matter).

Cole is an uncanny vocal mimic as well as a prodigious multi-instrumentalist who has been spending most of his creative time with the progressive band Prometheus.

And what an excuse to play with colored Gels! Heck, we had a fog machine!

Mr. Tristin Morin. What can a person say about Tristin that would do this man justice? Tristin is probably the best and most creative guitarist I have ever met. As far as a person, he's above reproach. After a successful album with fellow Lexingtonian Charles Moreland III under the name Tryptamine, Tristin has been hooking up with the people at Moog for some sweet synth action.

The master of Ceremonies himself.

So what did we record?

We managed to complete A progressive track that ends in 5/4 called "Skull the Union" and, of all things, a cover of the song "Wicked Game" by Chris Issac :) Crazy drunken college kids!!

And the Title... When I talked to Cole about attending the session he agreed on the condition that we call the band "Three Men and a Baby." Tristin wanted to call the album Build-a-Bear because all the bands out now have animal names. And there you have it.

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From the album "Build-a-Bear"

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