061810 Krohn Conservatory's 2010 Butterfly Show Volunteer Day

So about last Friday I volunteered to photograph the Krohn Conservatory's 2010 Butterfly Show Volunteer Day.

Despite 2 weather warnings about the heat I hung out in a greenhouse in 94 degree weather.

The Volunteer Day and party were terrific fun.

This year the show broke all previous records for attendance.
This year's show featured butterflies from Japan and had three full green house changes.

It was so hot that day, when I asked the organizers and speakers for this portrait the superintendent of Cincinnati Parks (I believe) told me to hurry before I melt! Good times.

After the speeches and awards was the show itself!

(All of these portraits were taken with a single 580EXII handheld with a 16" umbrella.)

For the full slide show click the link in the following post

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