061410 WATERFALL SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's even a sunbeam in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I first heard about this waterfall/run-off thingy from my beautiful bride, Terri. She liked to drive past it slowly and take in the scent of the deep forest. It is a really magical place!

This beautiful woman is Keisha, who was gracious enough to reply to my Facebook post:
"I am in search of a beautiful model who is willing to get into a probably freezing mountain stream for a photo shoot! Any takers? Photos will be amazing!

"Logically it seemed like a place to go explore... and then photograph... then photograph with people... then get rich!

It turned out to be a terrific shoot!

Some people have been asking if I just photoshopped Keisha in to the backgrounds, so here's some conclusive evidence!

The rocks are beautiful yes, but also dangerous! I managed to get this battle wound sliding 20 feet down a muddy hillside and straight into the water in the first 5 min.

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Karen(: said...

These waterfall pictures are gorgeous. She fits the waterfall perfectly. I especially like the ones where she's standing in the water and red color from the dress is coming out into the water. It's beautiful! Amazing job!