060210 Sharon Woods With Javier and Kari (GPIK)

It is a rare occasion for my beautiful wife and I to find people who are as excited about opportunities in fun and photography as we are. Luckily we ran into a couple of just such caliber at a wedding recently. Coincidentally, we have been hanging out a lot.

Kari and Terri have been friends since high school, which made the whole situation WAY cooler!

Enter Osvaldo Javier Santiago... Javier is an EXTREMELY talented automotive photographer and print specialist. Now, I can't stress this enough...

This is some of Javier's UNREAL work. The only way anyone could look cooler with one of these cars is with a photo like this.

Javier brought his Alien Bee lights out for a "play around" shoot at Sharon Woods with us recently. We had a great time being goofy with long exposures as well as getting some really nice images.

A little camera manipulation can turn day into night!

Here's one Mr. Santiago took of my wonderful wife and I.
Thank you for being friends Kari and Jav, you are truly great people. :)

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travis forbear said...

Any front lighting on the last two shots? Didn't see one on the flickr pic. Just wondering if you were using available light.