Vivian Update!

I've been spending a lot of time with my beautiful daughter Vivian.
And it is AWESOME!
(Wardrobe by Vivian)
She's 2 and a half now and I love every minute of our time together. This Vivian update is brought to you by the terrible twos (FYI).
So two of the most hilarious things she said this weekend were...
While smushing ants one evening I asked Viv why she wants to smush ants when everything should be allowed to live. Her response: "It's my job."
The other awesome thing was while we were listening to Gangsters by The Specials. As soon as Terry Hall began singing she tilted her head to the side and in all honesty said "They sing prettily."
Her favorite songs are:
 This child is very much like me. Energetic and kinda crazy.
Every new trick she unlocks...
Every new skill she masters...
I'm proud and humbled.
 This kid is a lion.
I try to enable the dream.
And allow the attempt.
And she still finds time to rock the fashion!
Her favorite colors of the moment are Blue, white, black, and orange.
Her favorite toy is Bunny.
 Just want to say Thank you Vivian!
 I love the park even if "I'm sweaty all the times"
You are amazing all the times!
I love making you laugh!
And talking about ideas!
I love you my little teenager. ;)

Other awesome moments worth watching:
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