TEDxCincinnati - Sound Ideas

 Live from the beautiful and historic Memorial Hall in Cincinnati I bring you TEDxCincinnati's fall event...

 This harmonious mix of talented presenters was very impressive!
 Our emcee was the lovely Holly Edgell from station WCPO.
 One great plus of the night was I found out my good friend Natalie from StudioNPhotography and her husband Dave the rocking bassist from the band LiViD were also going to be there! And my friend Brett I have't seen since about this! Possibly this.
 TEDxCincinnati events are always amazing. 
 And nothing could happen with out our Program Director, Chris Lah, and Organizer, Jami Edelheit!! 
This event was one of the best ever as we filled the beautiful theater and halls of Memorial Hall.
The Ass Ponys were there and they played us a delightful tale of a haircut monkey with continence problems. 
 And we had food trucks round back for your convenience! 
All of the entertainers were amazing but one of my favorites was Joe Boyd's speech on failing. Do it Hard and Often.
 And here we see Holly launching a T-shirt prize into the audience!
 TEDxCincinnati is an organization that is really trying to make a difference in public and private experiences. Everyone should check the TEDxCincinnati Website and look for the next event!
These people were happy they did! I wish I had time to mention all the amazing performers, but you can see that on the Flickr page!

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