090510 Portraits!

I've had the great fortune of meeting up with a lot of really great friends recently and I'd like to share some of the free portraits all of my victims... (I mean friends) took with me.

Firstly, Bam! Just today I was lucky enough to go to breakfast with Terri, my parents, and one of my closest friends, Melinda.

It was really awesome catching up on what has been going on, but once there was a lull in the conversation I, of course, whipped out the camera! And she looks great! Thank you for making time for us Melinda!

Last weekend we got to spend a few hours with the Faulkner family and our favorite twins, Aundreau and Brittany!

But Lilly stole the show!

Last, but certainly not least, Ms. Sheri joined Terri and I in beautiful Park Hills Ky for a quick shoot last week also! (we've been busy.)

Thank you all, my friends!

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