090310 Tristin and Marcie (Let Me Tell You About Labor Day)

This beautiful woman is Marcie, and she and her wonderful husband Tristin can corroborate the story that follows...

This is one of my greatest friends, the moog endorsed artist, Tristin Morin. He told me a while ago about his impending wedding and his desire to cram as much awesome into his special day as possible. Included details were, but not limited to, a bourbon fountain, The Cardome center in Georgetown Ky, Dave Ferris, and a tradition where he's carried around like the dead to tempt the women at the wedding! How could I say no?

I mean look at this cutie!

The day was windy but magical and fun with a couple of moments of suspense mixed in to keep everyone on their toes!

The only problem was that the original date of the wedding was to be thursday and had to be moved to Friday. And that was a problem because Terri and I already had a big wedding in Cincinnati to shoot on Saturday and this was Georgetown Ky (2 hours south)!

The evening couldn't have been better though. Careful planning and preparations guided Team Viltrakis through the amazing weekend! More on that next week!

Marcie was a beautiful bride and Tristin a handsome groom! There was a sea of family and friends to share the good times with too!

The day was perfect.
(More from this wedding next week also!)
We love you Tristin and Marcie!

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The Soiree Cafe said...

Oh my gosh! That last picture is beautiful!!! Was that actually taken at night or were there manipulations to the photo? What an amazing picture either way!