090410 Your Next Event Host, Avious Jackson

Two weeks ago at the wedding of my friends Megan and Lou, Terri and I met Avious Jackson. Cool, collected, prepared, courteous, and best of all fun, Avious just might be my new favorite Cincinnati DJ.

We didn't even mention the music! From classy jazz to rock and roll, to bass thumping club music, this party was having a great time the entire time.

Check Avious out here at his website. Read some of the testimonials, you'll see I'm not the only one who recognizes talent. :)

The best part was the finale! I certainly didn't expect him to bust out a cover song in perfect pitch!

And I think that pretty much proves that everyone had a great time.
So if you are looking for a talented Music Coordinator and entertainer for your event or wedding and not just a DJ, I would strongly recommend Avious Jackson.


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