Vivian's Crimmus Odyssey 2014

"Another Portrait"
And this year was a gauntlet. We had three houses to go to on crimmus day so instead of putting them in order I just kinda randomized them here so you can get a general feel of the day...
 Oh but there were gifts...
 Kat made Vivian an Elsa cape which she dramatically wore around the house.
 And we jumped on bubble wrap.
Mr. Mason receives the first holiday "Ham shake"
And more Bun Bun
 And CAKE!!! All Viv could talk about was crimmus cake!
 Crimmus Eve, I hung out with Kat's family around this beautifully decorated tree :)
 Gift Vertigo!
 Eatin cake!
High Fives!
 We also got a beaded curtain to make the closet a stage!
And Peppa Pig!
Louie's brain exploding.
Viltrakis side family portrait!

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