Summertime Super Vivian Funtime!

This post is about VIVIAN, my little heart melter!
(my new favorite photo ever!)
 I was recently criticized for putting too many photos of my daughter on this blog. You guys can always click the Red Links to the right here --->
 if you would like to see any category of photography that interests you!

On the other hand looking at a photo like the one above here melts my heart and Imma continue putting up all the beautiful images of my best friend here and call them Robots and Rainbows examples! :)
 So in other news... Viv is a threenager! And still a precocious spunky character.
 I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the scamp for an in depth interview. (and by sit down I mean chase her as she retrieved a wiffle ball out of the neighbors yard.)
 So her favorite colors are Blue and Black still.
 When asked 'What is her favorite song?' now she responded "All the songs." Which is accurate but I know from experience that she is still partial but not obsessed with the Police and the Strokes.
 Playgrounds are still big.
 As of late she's adopted the habit of saying things that couldn't happen and then saying "I'm just jokin'!"
When I asked her what was scary she told me "Bats and Skeletons"
She can count to 50 and spell her own name!
Another interesting part of the interview was when she told me she'd chosen to go into the fine conventional profession of Toothfarying. Truly an under served market. 
40 inches and 40 LB
 She's a big fan of tight clothes overall.
Linguistically shes a genius! She heard "soakin' wet" and decided the adjective was underutilized and now says things like "Awh... it's SOAKIN' HOT!"
 Here's a new eco friendly belly button decoration of picked fresh flowers
Action shots are my only option.
Recently at the pool she grabbed my face and told me "Daddy, I've loved you from the moment you were born."
(The obligatory muddy puddle jumping) 
 And she loves Peppa Pig and Barbie's Life in the Dreamhouse for Internet programs.
 Forced picture smile.
 So it begins!
 When asked what makes her laugh she told me "Ghosts, funny ones."
 "Make me more dizzy!"
 She also likes to role play characters. One is Andy Summers from the Police (of course) and another is Noah, a 14 year old skateboard kid we met at the park a few months ago. That's an interesting one because she/he often hangs out with his/her "crew."
Preschool is next! 
More adventure to come!

And if you would like images like these for your little one visit 
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