A Beautiful Wedding for Brian and Marissa!

Two weeks ago I was lucky to be with my friends Brian and Marissa to preserve their special wedding day 7/11/14 with a super moon!!
 Their wedding was magical. A beautifully organized intimate event of 24.
 Despite being held at the the beautiful Carnegie Center, the couple and the fantastic Jane Bettis and I trekked up the road to Alms park for a few special images!
 Marissa even made her own wedding dress!
 And then the moments!
The arrival
The embrace
 The man
Brian is so awesome. He runs Steam Whistle Letter Press where the most amazing paperwork graces our letterboxes! 
 The book
 The rings
The escape
Alms Park
The Love

 Jane and I loved these two.
 We got our images in quickly in the heat and ran back!
And awesomeness ensued!
Including a Pinata!
And fun!

THANK YOU Marissa and Brian!

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