Surprise It's a Vacation Now!

(Desert Sunset)
So... Surprise! I went on a trip to the west coast!
Yep,  I had some cool plan that fell through and ended up in me having one of the greatest vacations I've ever had! I managed to see everything from the ocean to the desert and it was awesome! So awesome! Do you know how long it's been since I have seen carpet in a bathroom? It's awesome! 
So one of the most amazing places in America is the desert. This was my first time! In all reality, desert... not that interesting. Dusty, yes, but interesting? Not until nightfall!
 I waited out in the plummeting temperatures hoping to see the milky way, but I was too close to the light pollution from a disgusting cow farm or something. I was able to capture lots of amazing star photos by setting my Canon 6D on the roof of the car and using my iphone to trigger the shots and review them from inside the warmth of the car! WAY better than freezing my lens off in the cold night! This one above I managed to catch a satellite or a plane or something. 
 And palm trees!
Back in Ohio it's 27 degrees and snowing.... out here 80 degrees and magic.
(should have cleaned my lens, but I like the extra flares)
 And since the desert wasn't enough awesome for me I also made it to the Pacific ocean!
It was beautiful but cold as the desert!  
Either way I climbed up the highest rock formation there and watched bikini girls take iphone glamour shots with their friends and watched over some sort of macho "bro-fest" happening out of view and earshot of the adult sunbathers. 
You can see off in the distance a thin layer of yellow. That's smog. Mmmmmmmmm ruin-licious. 
Even with the smog it was beautiful. At one point I was picking up a stone out of the water for Vivian and in my glee at finding something cool I was oblivious to the 3 foot wave plowing into most of me and my dress pants/shirt combo. I had to rinse the pants off in the shower to get the salt stains off. :) 
And even though the company and the nature were my favorite part I still got to see some big cities and pay WAY TOO MUCH for food, parking, hotels, alcohol, and souvenirs. It was amazing! I even learned two phrases in French! 
Yay surprise vacation!

And the coolest part of the blog post is that I'm currently posting from 30,000 feet! Yes airplane wifi and my awesome travel compy (ASUS Transformer THANKS ERIC CAMERON) really let me get the job done anywhere! Sorry for the late post!!! 

As a final note, all of these images were shot with the Canon 6D and emailed from my iphone using Canon's app and then posted using the ASUS Transformer pad. All images are unedited (with the exception of the desert floor).

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