And Now for Something Completely Different: Devlynn DeSade

This lovely young lady is Devlynn DeSade.
 Ms DeSade is a local entrepreneur in the art of seduction I had the luck of running into! Crazy times!
So when we met, given the interesting nature of her business, I naturally had lots of questions!
When Ms. DeSade answered them all in a very business focused and courteous manor I was impressed!
I guess that's kinda par for the course given her line of work, but one thing lead to another and I think she invited me to see her home and I offered to photograph her! Viola! Here we are! Blog post 1044.
 One thing I really like about a photo shoot is a challenge. I have to say, during this photo shoot I was pretty challenged. Believe it or not in a bondage den there's a lot of things you don't run into every day. Figuring the right light for them was interesting and the whole shoot was really just crazy cool!!
 Even Ms. DeSade's kitty was nice.
 In fact, I have to say the whole experience was top notch. Ms. DeSade was wonderfully gracious and her place, while slightly frightening, was really beautiful.
You can see more of Devlynn here: 

Big THANK YOU for the opportunity to photograph such interesting people in such a cool place, Ms. DeSade!

Sometimes I find myself waking up in the mornings thinking... "That actually happened!"

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