Photo Mentor Group #1 (Advanced Lighting Workshop)

 Wow! What an event! 
Jaskon Lykins and I escorted the lovely Dawn, toting lenses and strobes all over beautiful Alms Park in Cincinnati to put on our Advanced Strobe Lighting Workshop.   
 We tested out hundreds of ideas and processing flows, though we did lean toward dark and creepy at the end. 
 This workshop is geared towards people who know all about portrait lighting but wants to take it to the next level with gels, shadows, 3 - 4 - or  5 point portable speedlight lighting, and practical combinations!

Everything from sun as a second light... 
 To adding an extra element to your surroundings!
 No light here, I just love this photo :)
(see this large) 
Raw single dramatic light! 

Individual results may vary, but it sure is easier when you know how to create the images in your mind! 
The end of the night got pretty crazy with full on gels. 

Look for future postings for the Photo Mentor Group Workshops!

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