Keith and Rael's Amazing Wedding!

Bear with me here, I had to post more pictures than average to allow me to tell the amazing story of Keith and Rael! 
 So way back when I took Keith and Rael's engagement photos I knew their special day was going to be something else!
 Sure enough, they didn't disappoint!
 Keith and his brothers were hilarious!

 In fact, all the groomsmen were awesome!
Rael was BEAUTIFUL!  
 One great way to deal with the heat and the stress is to drive around in the back of a pickup truck and yell at prom kids (which we did).
The theme of this beautiful event was Rainy London, even though it didn't rain at all the style was perfect! 
 Keith and Rael sent me over a bunch of styles they really wanted me to capture for their day and I was excited to see that the processing of the images really mattered to them! 
 I even used Nik software's Snapseed App right on the Ipad AT THE WEDDING to show them some of the awesome images we had created together!
Yep, whipped out the ol' Ipad uploaded the coolest  images, processed them right there and handed it over to the newly weds to see at the reception!
 And took a deserved break for a cold one.
The speeches were jaw dropping. I can't repeat them, but they were truly noteworthy!

Just when the dancing is winding down and the party is mellowing at most weddings... 
This amazing team kicked it up 14 notches and made the proverbial plunge in to a literal fact and jumped  into lake Lindsay!
 Once the socks were wrung out it was on to an all night dance-a-thon!

Seriously, Keith and Rael, you guys are the greatest! Thank you for letting Eric Cameron and I be there! Sure a truck almost crushed all my stuff and it was hot as heck, but we all lived, the photos are stunning, you two are married and we all have AMAZING stories to tell about the day! 
You really made it unique!

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