Customer Service! Please Support It!

Something I'd like to talk about this week is Customer Service.

This is Tony "The Tiger"
Wedding MC and DJ. Terri and I met Tony at the recent Lexington KY wedding of Ben and Becka. Tony was smooth and graceful from the beginning, but something that caught Terri's attention later in the day made the difference! Tony's service was an "A". What was it? As soon as the reception started Terri noticed, in addition to his job, Tony was helping everyone at the wedding... people to their seats, drinks for the wedding party, coordinating the events, Tony was making it all happen! That is amazing service, people! This DJ, Tony the Tiger, Wasn't just playing music. He was doing everything he could to make this wedding as good as possible! He was adding HUGE value to the event!

This is the user profile of Tonlliwi on eBay. I recently bought two phones from this businessman to fix my broken Iphone and the service he delivered was so amazing I'll be checking with his store before all others from now on! Go on, check his numbers. This guy is an awesome vendor everyone would love to do business with!

To start off, I've bought a lot of Iphones on eBay (don't ask). This vendor was all the things you would expect from someone serious about a business, but the real outstanding customer service started when I had problems. I may have had a bad phone, a demon, or a software glitch or who knows what, but the first phone didn't work. Tonlliwi took back the phone and replaced it as fast as I could have wanted. It even came with a hand written note that apologized but... alas! This phone was not working either and transferred most of the things I wanted it to but erased my address book. I emailed him and told him :(. Tonlliwi answered all of my questions and helped me locate the root of my problem after offering to replace OR refund my entire purchase if I sent it back! I declined and with his assistance swapped parts from the malfunctioning phone to my original phone, resolving the whole issue forever! Tonlliwi didn't just sell me a phone, he helped me when I was annoying, and helped me to resolve my real issue, not just suggest I throw money at the problem!

That's the difference my friends! You should make sure you support and recommend these people! They are going above and beyond because it's the right thing to do, and I appreciate that. I hope you want to reinforce that kind of behavior too!

If anyone needs a DJ in the Lexington Metro Area I personally recommend Tony the Tiger! He will make your event the best it can be!
And if you need quality electronics for a great price, I recommend Tonlliwi on eBay!
He REALLY cares about his customers!

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Outsource Call Center said...

Nice post! In my opinion, Customer service isn't about being perfect. Customer service is about making things right, not just the immediate problem, but the root cause. And it is totally about listening to the customer. Thanks for sharing.