100210 Rob and Christi's Wedding!

A few weeks ago one of my oldest and dearest friends got married to a lovely young lady and I was honored enough to not only be a guest, but the photographer as well.

This is Rob, we've known each other since we were stupid kids bonking our heads on radiators and falling over rock walls. :) He's one of the greatest men on the planet.

And this is his blushing bride and also our good friend, Christi.

The flowers were by, none other than, the amazing Ford-Ellington Floral and Event design where rob and I both worked. Remarkable floral design!

The wedding was in at an old fort in Fort Thomas Kentucky. It had some really cool old features.

We even got to play with some fun themes after we had the formal portraits finished and before the ceremony. Check out this mini play Starring Rob D., and Erk Power.

It was the best wedding ever and everyone had a fantastic time!

The bouquet toss and garter throw were especially fun!

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