Abrahamson Wedding! Lindsey and Mark

Set up over two years in advance, this wedding was long awaited! I've had the privilege of providing photos to the bride's family for a long time and I love them! When Lindsey came up with her fiance for an engagement session I was ecstatic! 
After so long, the date was finally here!
(jenna beers)
 My good friend Jenna Beers was my trusty assistant on this journey! Much thanks to her!
 These two were fun, playful, and hilarious!

 (jenna beers)

 They had their special day at the Red Mile in Lexington Kentucky.

The ceremony was officiated by Mark's mom!

 50 mm Group shots!
So beautiful!

After the portraits were finished it was off to party!
The first dance!

 Then open floor!

(jenna beers)

Thank you Jenna!

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