Westcott Beach Party Model Shootout + Overnight at the Oasis!

 As promised last week, Here's my portion of the
Westcott Beach Party Model Shootout!
My model this Sunday was the lovely Mackenzie.
That's right,  1:00 to 1:30 we were bringing it to the expo live!
 After starting off with the giant Westcott soft box to set our key light we tried to find some fun poses!
Thank you Lindsey Driscoll of Eclectically for You and Jenna Beers for capturing the session!!
We tried out some fast shutter work for kicks...
 Then got down to business.
We set up all the big Westcott continuous lights we wanted.
That got some really great lighting... 
Mackenzie is pretty awesome!
 Then we kicked it up a notch with some mood lighting with the help of my good friend Frank Wilson and the Westcott Flex LED!
The secret to my success is a great assistant!

 Then selective lighting with the Ice Light

The ice light with "barn doors" lets you focus the attention with continuous light.
I think this really turned out well. 
 And then an idea by Mrs. Amanda Cantrell

And what session by me would be complete without a posing example?
Thank you to all who attended!
Now... this fellow is Jake
I snuck in a couple moments with the models at the other booths because they were great too!
 Beautiful woman!

Overnight at the Oasis!
 And this is the man Mr. Frank Wilson!
 The Overnight at the Oasis event Saturday night was amazing! My lovely cousin Holly Angel helped out as guest model!
We also had the beautiful Kasey Taylor...
and the super suave Anthony Treller
It was a fun session with three styles, Glamor, Athletic, and  Boudoir.


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