092008 Spring Grove Cemetery Photoclass Shootoff

Mrs. Terri Viltrakis had a class outing at Spring Grove Cemetery this weekend where She, Damien Tepe, Trevor Sears , and myself showed the students some tips and tricks of professional photography.
Here's the group [sans Kiki, Nat (who were already zombies), Trevor Sears (who shot the photo) and Damien Tepe (lighting on the photo) ] this saturday.

This is Dani.

This is Naomi.

This is Nat and Kiki's Zombie love Photo from this weekend.
Perhaps you remember Nat from his senior portraits.
Dot was there too!

This is Mr. Quackers, Damien Tepe's squirrel.

Mr. Quackers and Nat just didn't hit it off.

This was a photo by Naomi (the second portrait in this post).

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